Play Slots On A Ferry Or Cruise

Playing slots on a ferry or cruise is not unheard of. In fact, it may be more popular than you think. At least, this is true for the vessels that transport people. It is not enough for ferries and cruise ships to make sure that they bring their passengers to their intended destination. They have to make sure that the journey is a pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

And what can make it more enjoyable than having a casino on board?

About playing slots on a ferry or cruise

The truth is, gambling on ferries dates back to 1800’s with the Mississippi river boats. A lot has change since we now play mostly casino online instead. Its easy to register and most online casinos have very fast payouts nowadays. Here you can find everything you need to know about casino withdrawals in Uk. It is actually believed that there may be on board gambling happening earlier than that. The Mississippi River connects various waterways and trade avenues. In these places, gambling establishments are very popular. It can only be assumed that most of the passengers are somehow interested in gambling and ferries sought to make sure that their interests are satisfied on board.

The main reason why you can play slots on a ferry or cruise ship is for entertainment purposes. The ferry company wants you to have a good time while you are traveling with them. When you have a great experience while on their ferry or cruise ship, that will increase the chances that you will book with them again.

Of course, this type of entertainment has gained some negative feedback from some people. There are those who believe that placing slots on a ferry or cruise ship, or any other gambling activity is bad for the passengers. With nothing to do on board but wait until the journey is over, the chances of gambling becomes higher. The temptation placed on the passengers are viewed by critics as something manipulative and destructive. Some passengers might come out of the trip as new gambling addicts.

This might be an exaggeration but there is some logic to it. This is probably why there are countries where gambling is illegal. If a ferry or cruise ship hails from such territories, they will only open their casinos when they are in international waters – which is three miles offshore. In case their destination is the one that prohibits gambling, they will close the casino before entering the three-mile radius that marks the local territory.

Two opportunities to play slots on a ferry or cruise

There are two ways that you can play slots on a ferry or cruise ship.

Some ferries or cruise ships offer it merely as a form of entertainment. That means the main purpose of the vessel is to transport people and bring them to their destination. Along the way, they will provide various forms of entertainment and gambling is one of them. These ferries usually have kid-friendly activities like play areas or theatrical plays for children. There are also entertainment options for adults and teens like the onboard cinema or live entertainment like a live band, musical plays or magic acts. These ships offer minimal options in their game room as well. They have arcades for the young ones and slot machines for the adults.

There are also ferries and cruise ships that are intended to be gambling vessels. These are usually called casino cruise ships. That means the primary intent of passengers is not to go to a different place but to gamble on board the ship. There are day cruise ships that will only go offshore during the day, let their passengers play slots and then head back to shore before the day ends. These ships offer various gambling activities on different decks. Food, drinks and other entertainment are offered but the main selling point is the casino.

These are the two ways that you can play slots on a ferry or cruise.